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Changes between 2008-09-03 and 2008-10-04

Total Commits: 6

Total Number of Files Changed: 7

Date Author File/Message
2008-10-03 19:39:59 Ortwin Glück

project.xml v1.7

fixed site hostname
2008-10-03 19:32:31 Ortwin Glück

xdocs/jaas.xml v1.5

added paragraph about adding additional roles
2008-10-03 19:29:49 Ortwin Glück

xdocs/jaas.xml v1.4

updated link typo added JBoss section
2008-10-03 19:29:58 Ortwin Glück

project.xml v1.6

mention JNI
2008-10-03 19:29:13 Ortwin Glück

xdocs/download.xml v1.4

xdocs/faq.xml v1.5

hint to building
2008-10-03 19:28:54 Ortwin Glück

src/unix/Makefile v1.4

fixed: use PIC